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How I found myself loving to cook

My culinary adventure began with a move away from my parents, then I realized that my mother would not come to cook for me every day and I would not be able to eat quickly cooked food in the microwave... something I would not want to do anyways!




I began to devote a lot of time to cooking. I invited my friends to visit me, always pleasing them with new dishes prepared by me. Their enthusiastic faces made me realize that I was on the right path in what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Only a few years later I decided to approach this dream professionally. My first step was to study pastry, an adventure that took me to the southernmost heart of Italy - the island of Sicily, where I learned Italian cuisine. Then it was France - Le Cordon Blue Paris, where I learned to visually serve dishes and perfect my craft, the French way, and lastly it was Spain, which taught me to experiment with textures and tastes.




My professional career began with a culinary studio called "Culinaryon" in Moscow, where, as a sous-chef, I helped to teach people how to cook different cuisines of the world. There I got the chance to participate in various gastronomic exhibitions and events with TV hosts in culinary programs of Italy and Canada such as the Food Network with Chef Anna Olson and Chef Enrica Rocca.


People began to notice me as a chef and invited me to different events and private gatherings where I would display my talents. I had the privilege to personally cater for the Embassy of Italy in Moscow, Ambassador of Great Britain to Russia.


I continued to diversify and refine my skills by managing to work with world famous companies such as KENWOOD and Electrolux.




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Winner of Supermarket Stakeout S2 Ep12

Raise the Fridge contestant S1 Ep1

TV Host on CTC in Russia "Become a chef"




Working with people and cooking is my passion and I wanted to continue to expand, grow, and simultaneously explore a different path. This is why I decided to start my culinary Instagram blog - @Chef_Alisa, where I am happy to share my recipes and restaurant reviews with you. Along with this website, my Instagram page will bring you closer to the way I view, analyze, and deliver everything that is food, directly to you.



Now my journey continues in Moscow,Russia. I would be honored if you would join me and provide me a chance to charm you with my dishes, whether it is at a private dinner party or to share culinary life hacks during one of my cooking classes, or even a special occasion where I can cater for you! Hope to hear from you soon!

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